Beekweg, Maarssen

A housecert is a live musical performance given in someone's home. In comparison with a musical performance in a concert hall, a house concert is a much more intimate experience. You can speak with the musician before and after the performance, and sit close enough to really see and hear how they play. In comparison to a performance in a bar, you can focus completely on the music, without all the distractions of people ordering food, talking, smoking, etc. There are always nice people to talk with during the intermission, and the hosts usually have drinks and light snacks for the guests. Musicians appreciate having an attentive audience and they often spend the night in the home of their hosts, as part of a musical tour through an area. At some house concerts, guests are expected to make reservations and pay a fixed price for their seat. Other house concerts are more informal. In any case, everyone wins: musicians have an audience and some income in a comfortable setting, guests have a chance to hear high-quality live music up close, and the hosts get to enjoy it all without even leaving home.”

About Tuinwijk Huisconcert Serie: Idea,Goals

My name is Carol Ruiz, I am a pianist and I come from Barcelona (Spain). For the last six years, I've lived in Utrecht (The Netherlands) where I studied a Master in Piano Performance and nowadays I work as piano teacher, accompanist and performer.

During the past years I've learned about the House concert concept, and I've enjoyed it in both sides, as a performer and as a listener. In my opinion a House Concert it is a very special experience, and a beautiful tradition from many countries which is still in use. So, when I finally got a place big enough to organize a House Concert I couldn't resist to do it. I know it is a lot of work, time, energy, effort....but I really believe it is an amazing experience, and I would like to share it with those who love music as much as me. On the other hand, I am happy to create a new concert space and give musicians another opportunity to play.
I come from Spain, a country which, 36 years after, isn't recovered yet from the cultural damage made during a long Dictatorship (1939-1975). Even the past ten years, when the governments tried to change and support Art and culture, couldn't reach the level from countries in mid-north-europe with longer and uninterrupted tradition. In the Netherlands there is a big tradition of classical music, the Conservatories have many many years of existence and Concert Gebouw Orchestra is considered one of the best in the World. There is also a big tradition of House Concert. We can admire the paint from J.Vermeer named "Het Huisconcert" dated in 17th century. Also worth to mention that House Concert were never interrupt even during the Second World War. People use to organize this concerts illegally in their homes, "zwarte avonden", so they could enjoy music and the musicians could get some money to subsist.
Nowadays the situation is changing, the Governments are reducing the money given to Art due to the crisis; as a result of that: jobless musicians, less concerts, less involvement of the society into Arts...who knows how long it will be needed to reach the level of involvement, the same number of high level orchestras and choirs, well known conservatories, high level musicians...
This situation is general, in the hole World, and one person cannot change it, but we can be conscious of it and contribute with what it is possible for each one. My compromise is to open my home and organize three concerts a year (autumn, winter and spring) with professional musicians, and more "informal" and spontaneous concerts for the students who need a try out before their exams. Tuinwijk Huisconcert Serie makes its contribution to create another concert space in Utrecht and bring music closer to its citizens in a intimated environment with delicious spanish vegetarian tapas, drinks and good company. Enjoy! Veel plezier!