Beekweg, Maarssen

A housecert is a live musical performance given in someone's home. In comparison with a musical performance in a concert hall, a house concert is a much more intimate experience. You can speak with the musician before and after the performance, and sit close enough to really see and hear how they play. In comparison to a performance in a bar, you can focus completely on the music, without all the distractions of people ordering food, talking, smoking, etc. There are always nice people to talk with during the intermission, and the hosts usually have drinks and light snacks for the guests. Musicians appreciate having an attentive audience and they often spend the night in the home of their hosts, as part of a musical tour through an area. At some house concerts, guests are expected to make reservations and pay a fixed price for their seat. Other house concerts are more informal. In any case, everyone wins: musicians have an audience and some income in a comfortable setting, guests have a chance to hear high-quality live music up close, and the hosts get to enjoy it all without even leaving home.”

Volgende Huisconcerten

*Zaterdag 23 januari 2016 om 19,30 uur ,"Nieuwejaars concert. One night at the Opera" met Anke Smits, sopraan en Carol Ruiz,piano

*Zaterdag 20 februari 2016 om 19,30 uur, "Sax-Piano, Great Masters from the past until the present". Miriam Dirr,saxofoon en Carol Ruiz, piano

*Zaterdag 16 april 2016, "AND THE OSCAR GOES TO...."
Herkenbare en toegankelijke muziek van ‘awardwinning’ componisten en uit bekende films voor Clarinet en Piano" Nicole van Jaarsveld, clarinet en Angelique Heembersgen,piano